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Beginning Meditation

$129.00 Full Cost by Billing, Fixed Term

6 Week Course on Sundays at 7pm from Feb 25th to April 7th (Skipping Easter Sunday)
How do I meditate? Will I be able to? And, what’s the point?? In Beginning Meditation we will answer these questions - and all the others that arise - giving you a solid foothold in your own meditation practice. Over 6 weeks, we will use instruction, discussion, and shared practice to explore this ancient practice and establish its relevance in our lives.

The course instructor, Mary, has been practicing and studying meditation for over a decade, has been on several meditation retreats in vipassana and zen traditions, and - more importantly in her opinion - has made the practice relevant to her, using meditation as an anchor to help her navigate the natural fluctuations of life. Knowing its benefit, she designed this course to give you the tools and experience to do the same.